Welcome to our website. Here you will find a huge selection of footwear, gallantry and beautiful and fashionable women’s clothing. Our specialty is shoes-we present women’s footwear for every occasion and for all seasons. With us you can successfully stock both shoes, women’s half shoes or women’s boots, as well as ballerinas, flip-flops or heels. We do both retail and wholesale footwear.

We pay special attention to the high quality of the presented goods and to the details of the finishing. Our cheap shoes are perfectly tailored models for every woman’s needs. Beautiful accessories, finesse heels and unusual style and elegance – this is how you can define the models presented in our shoe shop.

Shoe-store.net it is one of the largest online stores in our country offering stylish shoes at very attractive prices. Since the very beginning of our existence, we have made every effort to find something for each of us. In order to satisfy the most demanding buyers, we introduce new solutions that make our online shop customer-friendly. We realize that comfortable footwear is the basis of a successful day, which is why we are so keen to find suitable products for ourselves not only elegant ladies who love fashionable shoes, but also moms who care above all about making shoes practical and comfortable.

Cheap shoes – store assortment

Cheap shoes-good quality in the offer we have not only branded shoes, but also cheap shoes, which do not give way to more expensive items. Every day we prove that comfort, style and convenience don’t have to be very expensive! Our shoe store offers stylish shoes at extremely attractive prices. As retailers, we are well aware that our customers have the full right to guarantee satisfaction with online shopping in our store. We know that footwear is particularly important for women. By buying cheap shoes in our store, you will be able to enrich your collection without compromising your budget. We offer footwear for every season and many variations! You will find here, among others, classic heels and skullcaps, which will work perfectly as a complement to an evening and elegant outfit, comfortable half – shoes, espadrilles or loafers ideal for summer, and sports shoes-essential when jogging or exercising in the gym. Our shoe store will definitely appeal to you – women’s shoes are something we know very well about! Using our rich assortment of boots and galoshes, no autumn aura will scare you, and a wide range of Cossacks, trappers, workers and snowmen will ensure your comfort and warmth on the darkest days of the year.

References Shoe-store.net it’s not just classic and timeless models. Our goal is to follow global trends and complement our offer with shoes that give a unique character to each outfit. Precise photographs, factual descriptions, convenient forms of payment and varied forms of delivery guarantee successful purchases, while the ability to return and exchange goods ensures satisfaction and a sense of security for our customers.

We’ll advise you how to choose best shoes

Shoes are the part of the wardrobe that says a lot about the man who wears them. The shoes give us a sense of our character, and a sense of who we really are. Shoes are also often identified with a sense of security. That’s why shoes are the part of the wardrobe that many are able to really spend a lot on. But in the midst of the prevailing trends, it’s worth knowing what to know and how to choose really good shoes.When choosing shoes, it is worth paying attention to what sole they have. On the market, we can choose between a cuffed sole and a rubber sole. The sole made of leather has been a benchmark of good quality shoes for years. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that the leather sole is also a lot of drawbacks, among other things, over time this sole gets worn, which creates a rather unsightly effect. Shoes with a leather sole must be refused during rainy weather, when the sole is vulnerable to damage. Even so, the advantage of the leather sole will be noticed especially in summer, when the shoes breathe. And the skin drains moisture outwards, so our foot will definitely tire less. And we’ll be more comfortable.

Footwear should be measured mainly in the afternoon. When our foot reaches its true size. To avoid a bad match. Shoes shouldn’t be perfect, either. Because by leaving it loose, we’ll provide better air circulation. Cool shoes are especially important when it comes to winter shoes. Because we wear thicker socks in winter. Which, in the case of well-fitted shoes, won’t be so easy.

Good quality shoes are, above all, good material. Therefore, it is worth checking the quality of the skin before making a purchase. It is easiest to judge this by the thickness of the skin, because good quality skin should not be too thin or too flexible. The easiest way to check this is after the shoe is bent, where the fingers are bent, if the shoe is bent, this indicates poor skin quality. It is best to choose shoes made of face leather, which are more resistant to any bumps.